Trusted Certification Programs

CTIA Certification™ is the global leader in certification for the mobile wireless industry. Since 1991, our trusted certification programs have set the standard for devices, test labs, technicians, and repair facilities, playing a crucial role in advancing the wireless industry. 

Certification Programs

Our high certification standards create quality and consistency across the wireless ecosystem, which translates into best-in-class products for consumers.

Device Certification

CTIA Certification operates seven device certification programs that keep pace with evolving technologies through the work done by subject matter experts in our industry working groups. From global network interoperability to IoT cybersecurity, our trusted certification programs set the standard for mobile wireless devices and are relied upon by network operators around the world.

Supply Chain

CTIA Certification’s supply chain programs establish standards and best practices in the areas of reverse logistics, forward logistics, service quality, and sustainable packaging. Subject matter experts in our industry working groups collaborate to foster innovation throughout the wireless industry’s supply chain.

CTIA Certification Introduces IoT Network Certified Program

WASHINGTON – CTIA Certification™ today announced the IoT Network Certified™ certification program. The latest offering from the growing CTIA Certification family of programs, IoT Network Certified establishes that a device meets internationally recognized IoT standards and is ready to connect to cellular operator networks around the world. The wireless marketplace…

Test Plans

The Gold Standard in Wireless Certification

CTIA Certification’s test plans have set the standard for a reliable, high-performing, and innovative wireless ecosystem.

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