Wireless Industry Service Excellence (WISE™)

WISE™ Certification is the industry-recognized standard for mobile device repair technicians, retailers, and on-demand repair organizations. WISE promotes service excellence and helps differentiate quality repair service professionals.

WISE for Retailers

WISE Certified retail locations meet industry-recognized standards with trained, certified technicians on staff. These essential businesses are 100% committed to customer excellence in servicing mobile devices.

WISE for Technicians

WISE offers two levels of technician certification. A Level 1 WISE certified technician is a technician who has passed the WISE Certification Knowledge Exam and is considered qualified to repair or resolve issues without opening the device. This certification is suggested for wireless device repair technicians working in depot or remanufacturing facilities, customer-facing retail, and remote environments.

A Level 2 WISE certified technician has successfully passed the WISE Level 1 Knowledge Exam and completed a training program facilitated by a licensed Authorized Training Administrator (ATA). Level 2 certification promotes the technician as an advanced-level technician.

WISE for Trainers

WISE Authorized Training Administrators meet the requirements of WISE Certification to help students adequately prepare for the WISE Level 1 Knowledge Exam and Level 2 hands-on training.

Working Groups

CTIA Certification working groups are the foundation of our certification programs. This global network of operators, service providers, device manufacturers, test labs, and many others, solve industry challenges, enable new efficiencies, and hold the wireless industry to the highest standard.