IoT Network Certified™ Program

IoT Network Certified is a custom certification program for cellular-enabled Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The program has been crafted to meet the specific needs of the IoT community. It simplifies and streamlines the process of certifying an IoT device according to industry standards for excellence, providing an efficient and affordable pathway for manufacturers.

By designing a device around a certified wireless module, a manufacturer may certify their IoT device using a process that takes advantage of the rigorous testing and certification already done on the module. Hundreds of modules are available to choose from.

IoT Network Certified for Smart Connected Infrastructure™ provides confidence that devices will perform as expected in critical infrastructure applications. In addition to the standard requirements to achieve IoT Network Certified recognition, additional testing is conducted, which is tailored to the unique and demanding needs of this environment.

The Certification Process


Save time and cost by designing your device around a module certified for IoT applications.


Determine whether your device requires any additional operator-specific testing for your target markets.


Comply with government regulations in your target markets.


Submit a certification request via the certification database.


Select an authorized test lab. The lab will test your device and upload the test results to the certification database.


Upload required documentation to the certification database.


Pay the certification fee and lab testing fee.


You will receive confirmation of certification via the certification database once all requirements are met.

IoT Network Certified: Fueling Innovation Through Cellular IoT

The Internet of Things is enabling the rapidly expanding market of network-connected devices that are revolutionizing consumers’ lives, improving business efficiencies, and making our communities safer. IoT networks, and the certification of the devices that run on them, are crucial for a secure, reliable, connected future.

Our new report providing an overview of our IoT Network Certified™ program explains how IoT networks, and the certification of the devices that run on them, are crucial for a secure, reliable, connected future.

Learn more about the IoT Network Certified™ program in our new report.

IoT Network Certified FAQs

Here are answers to common questions about our IoT Network Certified program. If you have questions that we have not answered, please submit a question or contact us.

Working Groups

CTIA Certification working groups are the foundation of our certification programs. This global network of operators, service providers, device manufacturers, test labs, and many others, solve industry challenges, enable new efficiencies, and hold the wireless industry to the highest standard.