What We Do

For more than 30 years, CTIA Certification and its working groups have developed industry standards and best practices for the mobile wireless industry. Our certification programs are recognized globally as the gold standard. They are utilized by network operators and device manufacturers, and now consumers through our WISE certification program, to ensure quality and reliability.


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Our Story

CTIA Certification launched in 1991, certifying the rapidly proliferating new analog cellphones in the U.S.

Setting the Standard

Needing a standard to ensure the growing variety of cellphones would work seamlessly with the cellular networks being deployed throughout the U.S., CTIA member companies came together to develop the first certification test plan for the new Analog Mobile Phone System (AMPS).

Beyond Interoperability

What started as a single test plan has grown to include a portfolio of over 20 test plans. Today, CTIA Certification programs have expanded beyond phone/network interoperability to include performance, safety, reliability, and service quality requirements.

Emerging Technology

Collaboration between the wireless industry subject matter experts who make up the CTIA Certification working groups enables our certification programs to keep pace with evolving technology.

5G & Beyond

To sum it all up: CTIA Certification has provided gold standard test plans and certifications since the days of analog (1G), through the first digital phones/networks (2G & 3G), and in the current age of internet-based networks (4G & 5G).

Our Brands

The CTIA Certification family of brands includes the IoT Network Certified program for cellular-enabled Internet of Things IoT devices; the PTCRB certification program that provides confidence that devices will perform optimally on mobile wireless networks; and the WISE certification, which promotes excellence in mobile device repair.

Participating Companies

Over 100 companies throughout the wireless industry participate in the CTIA Certification Program Working Groups, which develop and maintain our world-class standards, best practices, and certification programs.

Our Team

Karen Harshfield Castro

Manager, Certification Program Operations

Will Colbert

Director, Certification Program Management

Marin Galvin

Director, Strategic Industry Programs

Michelle James

Vice President, Strategic Industry Programs

Will Lightfoot

Assistant Vice President, Certification Program Operations

Mark Sargent

Vice President, Certification Programs

Sean Wang

Director, Certification Programs

Have Questions?

We welcome new opportunities for collaboration, which has always helped us solve problems, establish best practices, and set the gold standard for the wireless industry. Please reach out if you would like to participate in a working group or have other questions!