CTIA Certification Introduces IoT Network Certified Program

February 28, 2022

WASHINGTON – CTIA Certification™ today announced the IoT Network Certified™ certification program. The latest offering from the growing CTIA Certification family of programs, IoT Network Certified establishes that a device meets internationally recognized IoT standards and is ready to connect to cellular operator networks around the world.

The wireless marketplace is rapidly evolving, and cellular-enabled IoT devices and applications are becoming more widespread. The new IoT Network Certified program provides device manufacturers with a certification that meets wireless industry standards for excellence while providing an efficient, affordable, and streamlined pathway for network operator acceptance—supporting greater adoption of their devices.

“CTIA Certification is proud to be the leader in certification for the wireless industry,” stated CTIA CTO Tom Sawanobori. “The new IoT Network Certified program’s goal is to provide manufacturers and innovators with an efficient and affordable pathway for certifying an IoT device according to industry standards. This platform was created with user experience in mind and encourages the IoT community to take full advantage of a rapidly expanding portfolio of rigorously tested and certified wireless modules.”

“Our AT&T IoT device team helped develop the IoT Network Certified program as an industry certification with numerous accredited labs globally to simplify our onboarding processes, allowing us to efficiently handle the growing number of new and innovative devices coming to market,” added Steve Hardin, Director of the AT&T Device Architecture Realization – IoT Team.

The new program enables manufacturers whose designs incorporate a pre-certified wireless module to quickly and cost-effectively certify their IoT device using a process that takes advantage of the rigorous testing and certification already done on the module. IoT Network Certified’s website and certification portal also provide a simplified process for IoT device certification across the wireless ecosystem, and they are built to be used by vendors of all sizes.

As new 4G LTE Narrowband, LTE-M and 5G technology adoption rise, the wireless marketplace continues to grow at a remarkable pace, with increasing consumer and business demand for connected devices. The IoT Network Certified program sets the gold standard, and certified devices will be in the best position to serve as the secure foundation for smart cities, connected cars, and other IoT applications.

Additional information about IoT Network Certified and how to participate is available at https://www.iotnetworkcertified.com/.