Report – IoT Network Certified: Fueling Innovation Through Cellular IoT

August 15, 2023

Cellular IoT Fuels Innovation

Today, IoT—the Internet of Things—is widely used to describe the rapidly expanding market of network-connected devices that are enhancing consumers’ lives, increasing business efficiencies, and making our communities safer.

By 2030, it is estimated that there will be 25.4 billion IoT devices, many of which will connect via cellular networks. The wireless networks connecting our smartphones are also connecting utilities, lifesaving healthcare devices, manufacturing robotics, agricultural sensors, asset trackers, and more—leading to cost savings, greater efficiency, higher reliability, and enhanced safety for consumers and enterprises alike. The benefits of IoT technology can also lead to lower carbon emissions, helping to address climate change.

CTIA Certification has released a report that outlines the pivotal role of cellular networks in connecting the Internet of Things and explains how our IoT Network Certified Program offers an effective and economical pathway for manufacturers to ensure that their devices can reliably connect to these networks.

Report – IoT Network Certified: Fueling Innovation Through Cellular IoT

This report provides an overview of our IoT Network Certified™ program and explains how IoT networks, and the certification of the devices that run on them, are crucial for a secure, reliable, connected future.